A Fragrance for Every Personality

A Fragrance for Every Personality

The choice of perfume depends on your lifestyle, your temperament and the occasion. There are perfumes or aromas that become a personal brand. Even if they are not present, that smell will make us remember them. Not everyone achieves this symbiosis with perfume or a family of scents. Undoubtedly the characteristics of a person and their lifestyle make their fragrance more unique to them. No doubt, choosing a good perfume from the right place is like a blessing. To find the fragrance for your personality or mood see which of the following suits you best...

Naturalness, freshness and energy:

For this type of personality the citrus family is perfect. These are fragrances based on essential oil aromas that are made from the peels of citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, tangerine, grapefruit or bergamot. From there, refreshing, effervescent and sparkling perfumes are released, which convey a sensation of cleanliness and freshness.

Try Blood Oranges or Sicilian Limes

Sensuality and mystery:

The group known as oriental, with spicy or amber fragrances, evokes smells, flavors, colors and landscapes of the East. They are the most complex perfumes, which are made from vanillas, resins, balsamic oils and spices such as cloves, cardamom or pepper and plants such as ginger, cocoa or licorice.

Try Black Tulip, Amber Oud Ahad or Salt Caramel

Character and elegance:

Perfumes for these types of personalities come from the Chypre group, which are based on notes of wood, moss and flowers, sometimes with leather or fruit fragrances, making them rich and persistent.

Try Blood Oranges or Kings Wood

Clean, neat and classic:

This family is characterized by its notes of wood, moss (oak), lavender and bergamot. Coumarin is also present and is found in perfumes that exude moist, fresh, green and woody aromas that evolve between sweet and sour at the same time.

Try English Cherry Blossom, Dandelion Fig or Kings Wood

Feminine and resplendent:

These personalities are associated with aromas that are difficult to obtain, however there are techniques to capture the purest essence of flowers and transfer it in all its splendor to perfumes. They allow creations ranging from the lightest colognes to the most complex perfume extracts. The violet, jasmine, hyacinth, narcissus, lotus flower, lilies of the valley, rose or magnolia, are the most used.

Try Scarlet Lily, Tallulah's Camellia, Amber Rose, English Cherry Blossom or Atropa Belladonna.

Young and cheerful:

Fruity olfactory notes are recommended, which come from exotic fruits

Try Watermelons or White Peaches


For the manly touch, they are advised to use a woody scent. When sandalwood or patchouli predominate, they take on a warm character. They are usually accompanied with citrus or aromatic.

Try Kings Wood, Oud Alif or Blacks Club Leather

To keep in mind

Oriental fragrances are recommended for the night, as they have a greater fixation and the aroma of your perfume will always remain.

Don’t be surprised if you stop smelling her perfume from one moment to the next. As we get used to a certain fragrance, our sense of smell starts to feel it less intensely. Try switching up your fragrance and don’t wear it for a couple of weeks, then you will smell your favorite perfume again.

The best places on the body to apply perfume are the parts where circulation is greatest: the chest, behind the knees, the wrists and the nape of the neck. It is worth mentioning that it is not ideal to wear perfume on your hands.

If you smell several fragrances to choose one, it is recommended to pass a neutral paper close to your nose (without any aroma) for 30 seconds between each perfume; so it does not saturate your nose.

Take into account the degree of concentration of the fragrances, as this influence the duration of the aroma. For example, an Eau de Perfume will hold up to eight hours; an Eau de Toilette, up to five, and a cologne, up to two hours. So if what you want is to leave your mark, an Eau de Parfum

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