Shay And Blue Gift Sets

Shay And Blue Gift Sets

Our gift sets have always been a big hit. Whether you're looking to try our most popular fragrances for yourself or wanting to gift to someone without purchasing a full sized bottle they are always a good place to start. We have sets ranging from hand care to an entire fragrance wardrobe fit for every season. Take a look more in-depth into our sets below... 


Fragrance Wardrobe 10 x 10ml Fragrance Set

Starting out with the biggest of our sets and the one that will show you the widest range of fragrances we have to offer we have our Fragrance Wardrobe. Filled with 10 x 10ml bottles. 

Including customer favourites such as Blood Oranges, Black Tulip and our latest fragrance Blackberry Woods as well as a sneak peak of our 2021 scent Tallulah’s Camellia. This collection is a fantastic way to discover Shay and Blue for the first time or to find more of our scents to fall in love with! 

Precious Trio Collections

We have three Precious Trio collections here at Shay and Blue, Fresh, Floral and Woods. All three collections feature different fragrances to suit you. 


Precious Trio Fresh 3 x10ml Fragrance Set

Juicy with lip smacking freshness. Fragrances which are mouthwateringly irresistible.

  • Blood Oranges
  • White Peaches
  • Watermelon


Precious Trio Floral 3 x 10ml Fragrance Set

Heady and intoxicating. Floral fragrances with depth and intrigue.

  • Scarlet Lilly
  • Amber Rose
  • Tallulah's Camelia


Precious Trio Woods 3 x 10ml Fragrance Set

Aromatic with depth and substance. Woody scents are rich with refined character.

  • Kings Wood
  • Blacks Club Leather
  • Oud Alif

Portable Treasures

The Portable Treasures collection includes two of our bestselling boutique fragrances. The 10ml natural fragrance perfectly compliments the larger 30ml. Ideally pocket sized or great to gift.

  • English Cherry Blossom 30ml
  • Blood Oranges 10ml


Precious Miniatures 5 x 10ml Fragrances Set

Precious Miniatures provides a sensory explosion with five of the bestselling perfume blends from our London Boutique. Each 10ml natural fragrance creates its own mood.

  • Blood Oranges
  • Atropa Belladonna
  • Framboise Noir
  • Black Tulip
  • English Cherry Blossom


Rich Almond Hand Creme Collection 5 x 40ml

Discover five generously fragranced Hand Crèmes in a beautifully gift presentation box with striped grosgrain ribbon. Rich Almond Hand Crème is nourishing and intensely soothing. Rich in sweet almond oil and with a high concentration of shea butter and vitamin E, it gives hands deep nourishment without oily residue. The hand creme's are made with almonds but do not smell like them, the fragrances included in the set are:  

  • Blood Oranges - Blood oranges, leather, musk and charred woods
  • Atopa Belladonna - Cassis berries, jasmine and patchouli
  • Black Tulip - White snowdrops, cyclamen and plum
  • English Cherry Blossom - Youthful blossoms, bergamot and cherry
  • White Peaches - Delicate peach capturing the essence of summer


Cracker Set 3 x 10ml Fragrance Set

Set of three beautiful Christmas Crackers each one filled with a bestselling natural fragrance in 10ml bottles. A seasonal treat for fragrance lovers. Give as a set or as three individual gifts.

  • Blood Oranges
  • Atopa Belladonna
  • Black Tulip

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