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  • Top, Heart, Base - What Does It All Mean?!

    Top, Heart, Base - What Does It All Mean?!

    Perfume can play an important role in our wardrobe. Whether you prefer to apply your signature scent for a date night or for a work day in the office, fragrances help give us a certain aura and presence. Part of what creates...

  • The Autumn Edit 2020

    The Autumn Edit 2020

    We love changing up our fragrances as often as we change our clothes, choosing a different fragrance every day is part of our getting ready process. If you are someone that likes to change up their scent whether this is...

  • We Have An Update!

    We Have An Update!

    You may have noticed over the past few months that we have been undergoing a change here at Shay and Blue. Now don't you worry it's nothing too dramatic but we are having a bit of an update in terms...

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