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Ingredientes siempre reales

At Shay & Blue, we’re proud to be different. Our unisex perfume, cosmetics and body products are certified clean, vegan and cruelty free! We use carefully selected planet-friendly ingredients through artisan techniques, with real flowers, fruits & spices.

  • Clean Formulation

  • Certified Cruelty Free

  • Certified Vegan

  • Organic

  • Responsible

  • LGBTQ+ Owned

Tu preguntaste...

Nuestras fragancias no contienen ingredientes nocivos. Nuestra lista de cosas prohibidas incluye:

  • Sulfatos SLS y SLES
  • parabenos
  • Formaldehídos y agentes liberadores de formaldehído
  • ftalatos
  • Aceite mineral
  • Palmitato de retinilo - Oxibenzona
  • Grasas animales, aceites y almizcles
  • Alquitrán de hulla
  • hidroquinona
  • Triclosán y triclocarbán
  • estireno
  • Poliacrilamida/ acrilamida
  • acetaldehído
  • acetonitrilo
  • Cloruro de metileno y cloruro de benzalconio
  • tolueno
  • resorcinol
  • Acetona
  • butoxietanol
  • Ácido etilendiaminotetraacético
  • metilcelosolve
  • Metilisotiazolinona/metilcloroisotiazolinona
  • Mercurio y compuestos de mercurio (timerosal)
  • Bisfenol A (BPA)

Nos encanta la simplicidad en Shay & Blue. Por lo general, los perfumes están hechos con más de 80 ingredientes: ¡nuestras fragancias están hechas con menos de 15! Cuidamos cada ingrediente, asegurándonos de que sea orgánico y de origen sostenible.

Utilizamos moléculas de origen natural en todos los casos, muy a menudo sintetizando notas de productos naturales para garantizar que permanecemos éticos y libres de crueldad.

Vegano. Libre de crueldad. Certificado por PETA. Sin parabenos, ftalatos ni colorantes. De origen sostenible y empaquetado con materiales reciclados.

There are no labels at Shay & Blue. We don't categorise our products by gender.

Our Gender-Blend fragrances, also known as a gender-neutral fragrance, are scents that we design to be suitable for both men and women. It is a fragrance that can be worn by individuals of any gender identity without conforming to traditional stereotypes or expectations regarding scent preferences.

Unisex fragrances are characterised by their balanced composition, typically incorporating a blend of notes that are neither distinctly masculine nor feminine. They often feature a combination of fresh, floral, woody, or spicy elements, creating a versatile and inclusive scent profile. Unisex fragrances tend to be more subtle and less focused on traditional gender-specific accords, allowing for a broader appeal and wider range of wearers.

The concept of unisex fragrances emerged as a response to the traditional categorisation of perfumes and colognes into strictly masculine and feminine scents. It challenges the notion that certain scents are exclusive to a particular gender and promotes a more open and inclusive approach to fragrance choices.

Unisex fragrances provide individuals with the freedom to express their personal style and individuality without conforming to societal expectations. They offer a diverse range of options that can be worn by anyone, regardless of their gender identity, encouraging self-expression and breaking down gender barriers in the world of perfumery.


For every moment, for everyone.

We believe fragrance should be fun, for everyone and free from the stereotypes of big brands. We're liberating happiness and encouraging you to be true to yourself with clean, unisex fragrances that are not like the norm.