How To Layer Perfume To Create A Signature Scent

How To Layer Perfume To Create A Signature Scent


Have you ever wanted to learn how to layer perfume to create a signature scent?

Finding your perfect scent can sometimes be an extensive task. From deep, musky undertones to flirty floral notes, there are many to choose from. One way to achieve the most unique fragrance is knowing how to layer perfume to create a signature scent. After all, we’re all unique, so why shouldn’t your perfume be, too?

It’s a test and learn process, but we're here to help. With so many different delicious, complementary scents available, you might not know where to start.

That's why we’ve created a helpful guide on how to layer perfume to create a signature scent, so you can tailor your fragrance to you.

Getting started – What does layering mean?


First thing’s first, layering is a technique where different scents or perfumes are combined to complement each other.

This can vary on each individual, so what smells a certain way on one person may not apply to someone else. Layering doesn’t always mean two perfumes sit on top of one another. It can also mean selecting a particular shower gel, or applying scented body lotion and face cream after washing. You could even choose to spray one perfume on your wrist, and the other on your neck or torso. For full effect, we recommend applying it to the same place.

Layering doesn’t need to stop at two perfumes, seither. Once you’ve gained confidence with the layers, try up to three for an even bigger impact.

Here are a few tips for creating a signature scent:


Keep it light 

There’s no need to go heavy on scent combinations. The easiest way is by starting off light. Heavier scents should be applied first, so they don’t overpower their lighter counterparts. That way, you can also judge how much of the lighter scent you need to apply - and how frequently.


Understand the combinations 

Before you get onto different combinations, it’s useful to understand which combinations work together.

The top note of any perfume is the smell you get right away, which usually consists of a fresh burst, like floral or citrus. The middle note is also known as the ‘heart of the fragrance’, and tends to be a lot softer. The bottom note develops right at the end of the process, and is the longest lasting.

Beginners often find it helpful to combine two scents with a similar note. If you’re feeling confident, go for opposites (such as a spice and fruit). Berry and floral also work really well together, and with so many options you’ll be sure to find a favourite in no time.


The best combinations for perfume layering

Now you’re familiar with the basics, it’s time to explore the best combinations so you know exactly how to layer perfume to create a signature scent.


Fruity pairings

Playing around with fruity notes is a fun, fresh way to discover a new fragrance combination, especially berries.

Blueberry Musk eludes rich notes, and the base of white musk gives it more depth than your average fruity fragrance. Match with the delectable Framboise Noire, a blend of rich red and blackberries. Or layer with a light fruit scent, such as White Peaches, to create a summer-ready smell no matter the weather.

For an even fresher feel, the Watermelons fragrance works exceptionally well combined with one of our citrus range. Close your eyes and you can imagine you're on a lounger in the heat of July or strolling through an orange grove under the summer sun.


Florals and lighter florals

Florals go together like two peas in a pod, but they can take time to get right. You want to avoid coming across as overly sweet.

Try using Amber Rose or Atropa Belladonna as a base. These are strong base tones so starting with a body lotion can be a little more subtle than full-on fragrance. Then apply a lighter floral, such as English Cherry Blossom, on top of your pulse points. It’s like a spring meadow in a bottle!


Amber and citrus

An amber bottom note is a deep, sexy option which pairs perfectly with a fresh, citrus top note.

Our Amber Oud Ahad is warm, spicy and rich, whereas the Sicilian Limes range is bold and tangy. The base notes of moss and cedar woods within this fragrance mix perfectly with the sensual amber, creating a beautiful finish. Sicilian Limes even comes in a pocket-friendly 30ml, so you can pop in your bag and re-apply during the day.

If you prefer warmer citrus notes, try the Amber Oud Ahad with the zesty and happy Blood Oranges. Our famous Blood Oranges also comes in a luxurious Rich Almond Hand Crème. Try layering over the deeper Amber Oud Ahad throughout the day (or night) for a softer layering effect.

Spices and other spices or fruit

Warming, comforting, and packing a little bit of a punch; spices paired with sweeter top notes are a winter must-have. Plus, they’re probably one of the most renowned layering combinations in the fragrance world.

Inspired by the Sea Salt Caramel Truffles from English chocolatier Charbonnel et Walker, Shay & Blue’s Salt Caramel smells good enough to eat. Giving off the scent of creamy caramel combined with sea salt, it layers on as a soothing base tone. With hints of vanilla already present, apply a top layer of vanilla-based scents, or even White Peaches. Super sweet and irresistible.


Woods and spice or florals

Wood is also a great base note to start layering with. Woods such as Oud Alif are deep and enticing, and only need very light top notes to finish them off. Vanilla is a solid option, but lighter florals such as English Cherry Blossom are also delightful.

Blacks Club Leather is fiery with wafts of leather and brandy — another great option for when the weather starts to get cooler. The fruity undertones of the Dandelion Fig range is zesty enough to warrant a partnership with a floral top note.


Be patient

Perfume tends to alter its scent slightly after application due to your own natural pheromones. So, it’s best not to start layering straight away after the first spritz. We recommend waiting up to an hour before applying a second layer for the best result. If you don’t have time (i.e. busy mornings), try and take your second one in your bag so you can apply later in the day, or even for a top-up during the afternoon.


Hydration is key

Moisturised skin doesn’t just make your tan last longer, it helps prolong the lifespan of perfume, too. When you apply fragrance, it binds to oil molecules in your skin, so the richer the oil molecules, the longer it lasts. Try applying a nourishing lotion after your shower, or spritz a light hydrating oil over your skin for an instant boost.


What to avoid?

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to how to layer perfume to create a signature scent as it applies to the individual. Everything smells different on all of us. Layering is a natural science as well as an art, so don’t be afraid to experiment with what you like. There's no doubt you’ll find the right one for you.

So, there you have it – now you should have more of an idea on how to layer perfume to create a signature scent. Remember: our range of luscious scents are vegan, cruelty-free, and contain real ingredients, so opt for as many as you like.


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