How To Wear Fragrance If You Have Sensitive Skin

How To Wear Fragrance If You Have Sensitive Skin

If you suffer from skin sensitivities, allergies or skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, chances are you know everything there is to know about what makes your skin flare up. You'll be used to trying products out for a period before cementing them into your daily routine and once you have a routine in place you're unlikely to change it. Heavily scented products are probably something you tend to avoid too, with the help of some perfumery experts we have found some ways to suggest how you might be able to use a signature scent even with sensitive skin.



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“Perfume and skin sensitivity is a duel where no one wants to surrender. For those with skin conditions, one application of a scent can mean a rash that lasts far longer than the fragrance itself. Something that even a perfume enthusiast won’t risk,” explain Dr. Vidhi and Rushikesh Patel. “If alcohol is the allergen for you, then look to use non-alcoholic perfumes, wax perfume or oil-based fragrances, as they will cause less irritation on the skin,” suggests Patel. “Instead of applying fragrance to your neck, try a patch test in other areas and see how your skin reacts." For example, a few dots on your wrist before spritzing on your chest, consider misting you hair or clothing first. If the test is successful, then you’ll have no issues exploring the world of scent once again.

When considering scenting your clothes as opposed to layering scent directly on your skin you should still be careful and make sure not to spray too close. “Many people spray a scent way too close to their skin and then also dab their wrists together, which affects the integrity of the scent. Hold the bottle a good 30cm away from your skin and allow it to settle naturally” says Roja Dove. This may aid sensitivity a little, as there won’t be a concentrated spot of alcohol on the skin. If the problem persist simply create a fragrance shower, spray into the air and walk into it, let the fragrance settle on your skin and clothing. Not only will this make the scent less concentrated on your skin but will also distribute it more evenly around you.


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Try body lotions or washes! Everyones skin reacts differently, for some people a scented lotion may be the worst thing you could do but for others it could be a miracle product. Our scented lotions come in the same fragrances as some of our most popular Eau de Parfums. All of our fragrances are made with real ingredients - that means real fruits, flowers and spices so you're getting the best quality fragrance we can give you. 

And as always, if any reaction gets truly irritated, or a rash forms, see your dermatologist and step away from the atomizer until you know what’s going on. Skin issues are complex and often don’t just have one cause – best to leave serious problems with the doctor and vicariously enjoy what other people are wearing for a while.


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