Review us and get a $10 Gift Card

Did you just receive awesome clean fragrance? Help us spread the word and we'll give you $10 on a gift card for free. It's not easy promoting a clear liquid that amplifies your personality. How do you know we are clean, vegan and just utterly awesome? Help us with a video review posted to tiktok and in return (once validated) we'll email you a $10 gift card to use as you like.

How it works

  • Receive your haul

    Sit, in wait for the post and be ready but don't dive in too quickly, you might want to capture the pure delight on your face as you unbox us.

  • Grab your camera

    Video is the game. There's no other way to explain how utterly fun and awesome we are. Portrait is best to show us off.

  • Be creative

    Get creative. Find new ways to showcase awesome fragrance and capture that first sniff. Show us your #sprayface.

  • Upload

    All the way to Tiktok. This is where we are building our community. Plus it's real easy to share the love. You must include #shayandblue and tag us @shayandblue_us

  • Get validated

    It's free cash you know. It's only fair we check out your review and validate it before we send you the cash. Please fill out the form below with a few questions and we aim to validate your post within 48 hours.

  • Get paid

    That's it. You got awesome fragrance. We get an awesome review and you get paid for your trouble. Time to go again.

Validate your review now

Please fill out the form below to validate your review. All videos must be publicly visible on tiktok and contain #shayandblue with a tag to our profile @shayandblue_us. Any inappropriate content or missuse will be reported and may invalidate your glaim for a gift card. Gift cards can be used on full price items and may not be used in conjunction with any other promo code.

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