Meet the Cotton Flower Creatives: Pakissi Indigo Marco

Meet the Cotton Flower Creatives: Pakissi Indigo Marco

We asked some of our favourite creatives to come up with a piece of work inspired by our newest fragrance Cotton Flower.

Cotton Flower is delicate and exposing whilst also feeling gritty with a sense of edge, It is empowering and sparks a real sense of adventure.

There were no rules with this brief, just "step outside of your comfort zone, break boundaries, live excitingly, explore your creativity and interpret Cotton Flower however you wish"

Pakissi Indigo Marco is an Artist, Dancer, Beat maker and Model. We were blown away by his dancing, the beautiful yet unusual way he put w sequence of moves together. Well his Cotton Flower creative did not disappoint! Here's what Pakissi had to say about his process and what Cotton Flower meant to him:

The concept i took from Cotton Flower to interpret into this dance was at its core "fresh" I wanted to take this and explore it, the idea of getting ready, feeling fresh and going out to start your day, hit a club etc.

I tried to show different looks and varying styles of movement that displayed the different sides to cotton flower whilst consistently sticking to the main note of cotton freshness.

Check out some snippets of Pakissis' work here and head to our socials for the full piece.





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