We Have An Update!

We Have An Update!

You may have noticed over the past few months that we have been undergoing a change here at Shay and Blue. Now don't you worry it's nothing too dramatic but we are having a bit of an update in terms of packaging and branding. We are still the same brand you know and love and we are still using the same formulas - none of our scents are changing - they are simply just in a new bottle! Now this will not be an instant thing, some products you may have started recieving in the new packaging and others may be in the old packaging even into the early months of next year. This doesn't change the quality of your product it simply means the bottles are in the older design! 

As you may be aware, as a brand we have a promise. This promise is that our products are good to you, good to animals and good to the planet. This packing update enables us to improve how we are treating our planet and we are hoping you will stay to help us on our way!

Responsible packaging is extremely important and cutting down how much plastic we use as a brand is very important to us. Unfortunately some things are not yet made of plastic free materials but we are taking as many steps towards being as plastic free as we possibly can be for now! Check out our brand and packaging updates below..


Logo update

As you may have noticed on our social channels our logo has changed, this is now shown on all of our new packaging and content. 



New Fragrance Bottles

Our fragrance bottles arent changing all too much but are having a bit of a face lift! The shape and size of the bottles is remaining the same but our labels as well as the caps are changing. Our plastic caps are becoming metal - keeping to our promise of being good to the planet - and our labelling is having an update. Becoming a bit brighter and whiter and featuring our new logo! All products inside will be of the same delicious quality! Our bottles are also still being made with our wonderful blue tint to protect all the goodness inside the bottle. 


New Hand Creme Tubes

Our hand cremes are also having a bit of work done, changing from plastic tubes to aluminium. The design has been simplified to match the rest of the home and body collection!


Hand and Body updates!

Our (literal) biggest change is our Body and Hand Wash, Body and Hand Lotion and our Rich Almond Shower Oil. Our Body and Hand wash and lotion used to come in 200ml bottles and now comes in a 250ml bottle. The bottles of all 3 products are now made of glass and the labelling has changed as you can see below! Unfortunately our pumps are still made of plastic but we're working on it! We also might have some new scents of some product coming your way soon so keep a look out for more information! 



Updated Boxes

Not only have our bottles been changing but our bottle packaging is having a refresh too! Don't worry we're keeping our boxes but they will now feature our updated logo. Our 10ml bottle boxed will now also be colourful! Each of our fragrances have a different colour and this will be shown in our packaging. Remember to make a mental note of what colours your favourite scents are and you'll be able to spot them on the shelves! 


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