Beast Mode Fragrances: Make the Most of Your Scent

Beast Mode Fragrances: Make the Most of Your Scent



Ever been stopped in the street by people asking what you're wearing? (Fragrance only!) Beast mode fragrances refer to sillage (the scent trail perfume leaves behind) and how long-lasting they are. But how do we know which perfumes are right for us, or even which perfumes are long lasting?

I think it is fair to say, we all want the most out of our perfumes. By using these tips and tricks you can prime your fragrance to last as long as possible and make heads turn. Start the process by buying the correct type of perfume for your needs, after-all, we all have our own preferences.

If you’re unsure what notes are strongest in your perfume of choice, you can look at its scent family information. If you’re new to the depths of fragrance, you can even take our short perfume quiz to determine which scent and notes are best suited to you!


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Why? Hydrated skin is the best skin to apply perfume straight onto. Applying unscented lotion before you spritz on your perfume will moisturise your skin and lock in your fragrance better. Do you have the matching body moisturiser or hand cream? Even better! This will help layer and amplify the notes further making for a more longer lasting and stronger scent. Put that Vaseline down!! You heard me correct, rumours have it that Vaseline is the best base to use, but that’s a myth! Vaseline is a petroleum jelly which comes from oils. This instantly makes your perfume change scent and texture.


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What are the pulse points and are they really important? If you’re the kind of perfume wearer that spritzes here, there, and everywhere and hopes for the best, you could be doing your fragrance a disservice! But what if we told you there is a hack to make your signature scent smell stronger and last longer? Thanks to our pulse points which are areas on the body where the blood is closest to the skin, you can naturally accentuate and diffuse your fragrance. But where are the perfume pulse points located? Spray your fragrance to your wrists, the nape of your neck, insides of your elbows, and the back of your knees (yes, your knees).

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It can be tempting to rub your wrists together or rub a perfume into the skin. Instead of intensifying the scent, this actually breaks down the fragrance molecules and evaporates them quicker. You’ll have a weaker scent that lasts for a significantly shorter time. Instead, dab or spray your perfumes to the pulse points and leave them – your body heat will do all the work. For a scent boost on-the-go, spritz your perfume on a couple of cotton balls or Q-tips and, while they’re wet, place them in a plastic bag and squeeze out all of the air. They should stay moist enough to apply later in the day. If you would like to blend two fragrances together or would like to blot away some of the juice, try tapping your wrists together instead of creating friction. You can also dab your wrist up your arm, onto your neck, or anywhere you'd like to deposit some scent without messing with its longevity.


Hair perfume is a thing and it is really common. If you want some extra scent in your hair, you can spray it on your brush and run it through dry hair. Don’t spritz directly onto your hair, as the alcohol in many perfumes can cause damage over longevity. Layering your perfume into your hair adds depth and longevity to your favourite scents and will get heads turning.



Chances are you've seen one of the two slapped on perfume labels: ​​Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum, sometimes written as EDT and EDP. EDP’s typically have a higher concentration of fragrance oil which makes them typically stronger and longer-lasting. EDT’s on the other hand, are often beloved for a lighter, airier application. At Shay and Blue, all of our fragrances are Eau De Parfum where the concentrate of fragrance oil varies from fragrance. Knowing which perfume to pick is hard, so why not speak to Sophie at Shay and Blue with a simple consultation.  



Did you know that the way you store your perfume, effects one’s longevity when worn? Yep! Surprisingly, storing your perfume in a dark and cool place will keep your perfumes shelf life and not affect ones concentrate. As soon as a perfume gets hot, sat in direct sunlight and shaken about continuously, the fragrances chemical composition, aroma and colour will all be affected and will accelerate the breakdown and evaporation of the formula, giving off a quick boost of fragrance but wears off fast throughout the day.


Written by Beckii Jane

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