Florals - Not Just for Girls

Florals - Not Just for Girls

Now we know that typically floral fragrances are directly advertised towards women but honestly... who cares? Who can wear what fragrance should be decided by the wearer alone and other people’s opinions are pretty much irrelevant. At Shay and Blue we make fragrances for you and if you like a scent then you should wear it whether it has floral, wood, spice or citrus notes. So, on that note here are some of our favourite masc floral fragrances!


Amber Oud Ahad

Found in the spice fragrance family and also as a concentrate fragrance Amber Oud Ahad is our richest, most opulent of florals. This sophisticated fragrance opens with neroli and a honeyed green top note before iris and red rose are discovered in the heart. Labdanum amber and oud wood can be found in the base for a silky smooth yet voluptuous finish.


Framboise Noire

While it isn’t widely known that Framboise Noire contains florals they can actually be found in the heart of this punch-drunk fragrance. A mix of black raspberries and forest berries are in the opening for a juicy hit of red fruit, iris pallida then opens gently into the heart of the fragrance to enchant you before whit oud and black woods give a dark noire finish.


Voulez Vous

One of oue cheaper fragrances Voulez Vouz is found in our Lites range, a line of Eau De Toilette fragrances, for only £12.50. Now while the lower price may have you thinking that this fragrance is only for teens you would be wrong. While it is an Eau De Toilette our Lites have great staying power and can sometimes still be smelt the next day on clothing or in your hair. Voulez Vous is the perfect light fragrance with an intriguing espresso note it the top, fresh crisp white flowers in the heart and a smooth vanilla bean base.

Dandelion Fig

Do we class dandelions as a flower? Can we just for now? I mean technically it is the leaf but I’m going to include it anyway. Dandelion Fig is one of our most unexpected scents, a delicate fresh and green fragrance. Fresh dandelion leaf and lemon grass open into the fragrance with some heat. Tomato vine and juniper in the heart add zingy notes before fig adds a naturally earthy base.


Blueberry Musk

A sensual fragrance designed to entice any boo. Blueberry Musk is a smooth fragrances designed for day or night. Sparkling notes of blueberry and orange blossom open before orange blossom and magnolia bring a creamy warmth.


Black Tulip 

A secret favourite amongst our male customers Black Tulip is a beautiful soft but strong fragrance. Juicy oriental plum flirts with smooth white chocolate and woods. Almost good enough to eat. Snow drops and cyclamen can be found in the top notes with tulips and plum deepening the heart before the fragrance gently softens to white chocolate and soft woods in the base.


Atropa Belladonna

This mesmerising fragrance opens with dark cassis berries to draw you in, White narcissus and jasmine can be found in the heart to add a beautiful floral note before the fragrance dries down to a sultry warmth of patchouli and bourbon vanilla.


Have you tried any of our floral fragrances?



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