Making the most out of your Pyjamas

Making the most out of your Pyjamas

Feature Photo by Kristina Petrick on Unsplash

If you didn’t know today is ‘National Wear Pyjamas to Work Day’ as we know for lots of you – ourselves included – this has been most days recently and while this is usually a treat it can sometimes make you feel like you day hasn’t properly started. Now pyjama day is definitely one of the easiest ones to celebrate with the participation including rolling out of bed and ta da you’ve done it! However we thought we would include some ways you can feel a little less slobbish whilst also taking part.

What you choose to wear to bed is a personal matter. You might be perfectly happy in a matching striped pyjama set, while someone else could choose to snooze in a cute nightgown (or absolutely nothing!). But do you know how today’s nightwear made it to its current state? The history of pyjamas is more surprising than you might think! (

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1 Put fresh pyjamas on in the morning

Nowhere in the rules of pyjama day does it state that you cannot put fresh pyjamas on to celebrate it simply states you have to be in them all day. Put on a new fresh set of your comfiest pjs or loungewear and you’re good to go simply changing out of the clothes you slept in will make you feel like you’re starting the day!

We suggest putting pyjamas on of any kind for the day, could surprise your neighbours if they catch a glimpse of you in the nude! It is reported that while stores sell tons of pyjamas these days, sleeping in your birthday suit is still popular. For example, in the UK, 47 percent of men sleep in absolutely nothing (while only 17 percent of British women go nude in the night). Americans, on the other hand, are just slightly more conservative. About 31 percent of men in the United States sleep naked and 14 percent of women go nude. ( 

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Photo by Kristina Petrick on Unsplash

2 Accessorise your pyjama

From eye masks to fluffy socks or your regular day-to-day jewellery use some accessories to  complete your pj look and make it stand out against your regular pyjama looks. Adding accessories to the outfit will again make you feel a bit more put together but you will still get to be super cosy for the whole day!

At one point nightcaps were all the rage: Nightcaps (the articles of clothing, not the alcoholic beverages) were popular throughout the 19th century. The purpose is pretty obvious: to keep a person's head warm during the winter while he or she slept. But the design has some thought behind it. The pointed cap is long enough to wrap around your neck like a scarf, but not so long that it could choke you in the middle of the night. (

3 Give yourself a little spritz!

Fragrance is definitely a pick me up and a spritz will definitely make you feel like you’re ready for the day ahead. Choose your favourite scent – we recommend Watermelons or Sicilian Limes, both are lovely fresh scents that will wake you up for the day! We have also found these PJs on ASOS so not only will you smell great but you can also get pyjamas to match your fragrance! (unfortunately lime printed pyjamas were nowhere to be seen so we’ll have to stick to lemons for now!)



4 Don’t work where you sleep!

While pyjamas are usually reserved just for the bedroom today is definitely an exception and even though a soft office sounds like a good idea you are almost definitely the least productive whilst sat in bed. Make sure that you move to a desk, office or even sit out in the garden if you can as you will be much more productive there!



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