A Seasonal Transition Into Spring Fragrances

A Seasonal Transition Into Spring Fragrances

As the seasons change, so does much of our daily routine; our wardrobe, make-up and even our mood. So what about your fragrance? Much like piling on chunky knits and puffy looks in the winter before shedding the layers for summer, fragrance can very much play a part in your seasonal beauty routine. 

For sure different fragrances and perfumes work better in different types of climate, plus we’d always suggest you adjust the amount of sent you wear based on the temperature outside. However, also think about where you wear your fragrance depending on how your skin reacts to the change in temperature. 

Warm weather brings out the best in fragrances, and not just in perfumes. We're tuned in to so many scents when the weather heats up. From flowers blooming to fruits ripening, we're bombarded by scents. With this in mind, it's a good idea to ease up on your perfume usage. Don't be afraid to wear a fragrance, but be more aware of its impact. Because the heat will intensify a scent, it's a good idea to go lighter on your application of perfume and choose a lighter scent. Citrus and lighter floral notes are perfect for this time of year, because they're light, refreshing and blend well with other scents that occur naturally in the environment.

For this time of year we would recommend you explore our three key fragrances:

Blueberry Musk, the secret of sensual musk tousled with blueberry. With orange blossom, magnolia and cashmere woods to enchant and entice. Refreshing yet rich layers of fruit, musk and woods.

Sicilian Limes, a bold and sharply tangy fragrance, with a full-liquor hit of a salt margarita, a rush of salt limes, rosemary and masculine moss. A uniquely robust fragrance.

English Cherry Blossom, delicate blossoms underscored with bergamot, black cherries and cherry wood. Pretty and youthful.

On the other hand, cold weather is great for perfumes from the amber family. When it's cold outside, rich and spicy exotic scents almost give you the feeling of warmth. Lower temperatures can lessen the impact of a scent, so layering on various forms of a complex perfume make a better impression.

Amber Rose, a decadent and elegantly romantic fragrance, with rare and expensive May rose from Grasse, and a voluptuous sweet milk note resting on a base of white amber. A modern and richly chic rose scent.

Spring and fall are transitional seasons, so as the weather gets cooler or warmer, your scent should also ramp up or tone down accordingly. Bring out floral notes during spring, and splash on warmer scents as summer turns into fall.

Whether you stick with one signature scent, or you choose your perfume based on your mood or the seasons, always be aware of how the fragrance interacts with your body chemistry and the temperature. Adjust it accordingly, and no matter what perfume you choose, you're bound to make a sweet impact.

Choosing a Perfume: Heavy or Light?

Sure, choosing a perfume can be a little tricky. Once you find a scent you like, you have to wade through all the forms it comes in. So what's the difference between perfume and parfum? Let's take a look:

  • Perfume. Think of this as the big time. This is the strongest scent available on the market, so it usually comes in tiny bottles and is very expensive. That's because hundreds of ingredients have gone into making this one blend of scent, and its high concentration makes it more valuable. Apply perfume to your pulse points.
  • Eau de parfum. This isn't as concentrated as perfume, but it's kind of like a perfume prep. Spray it all over your body before adding perfume, or wear it on its own. There's also eau de toilette -- this product is a little lighter than eau de parfum, and you can use it as a base before putting on perfume.
  • Cologne. Cologne is a light, refreshing fragrance that you can splash all over your body. Since it's so light, don't expect it to linger.
  • Body spray. Even lighter than cologne, spritz a body spray all over to add just a touch of fragrance.

Some people find a signature scent and prefer to stick with it. It's perfectly fine to wear one scent year-round, but you should be aware of how your perfume reacts with the season. If it's cooler, you'll want to layer it on in many forms so it's noticable. In warmer weather, you may want to back off on the perfume so that you're not competing with so many other scents. Some manufacturers even make variations of signature scents to match the season.

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