What Does Lilac & Gooseberry Perfume Smell Like?

What Does Lilac & Gooseberry Perfume Smell Like?

Blessing our screens with her long dark hair and striking eyes with a violet hue, Yennefer of Vengerberg is largely known for being a legendary sorceress, but there's one other noteworthy addition, her intoxicating scent. It's only fitting that she smells as wicked as she is, right?

For those that need familiarising with all things Witcherverse, Geralt (originally played by Henry Cavill, and the only Witcher in our books), notes that Yenn has a distinctive scent that he'll never be able to shake, and is mentioned in the books literally 25 times. Say it with us - Lilac & GooseberriesInspired by his nephew's love of the Witcher games, our founder Dom de Vetta  created a Lilac & Gooseberry scent in 2022 so we no longer have to imagine what Yenn might smell like.

Thankfully, we have a review that can put it into words.



Lilacs are a type of flowering shrub that are often planted in gardens and naturally found amongst wild berries. They have large clusters of blooms that can be purple, white, powder pink and have a sweet aromatic scent. Lilacs need full sun to flower well and grow best in climates with cooler winters and warmer summer.

The scent of lilac is delicate, tender and belongs to the fresh, spring-like floral notes of perfumery, particularly the light florals! Lilac can be described as being creamy, soft, yet romantic and pairs brilliantly by being layered with gourmand scents and fruits.

Lilac is a silent flower, but it packs a punch with the sweet notes when mixed with complimentary scents. Reminiscent of pastel, lilac symbolises love and appreciation and is often used to create a sense of nostalgia - a lasting impression that we all want to achieve with our scents.


Gooseberries are red, sometimes yellow and very rarely green yet falls under the fruitier green notes. Really fresh and tart, they are often compared to grapes in terms of texture and taste. The smell can be fresh, sweet, tart and flowery when you're picking the fruit yourself. When paired with other notes, gooseberries are subtle and soft but last all day. A perfect pairing for a lilac.



Shay and Blue’s lilac and gooseberry is a nightmare dressed as a daydream. This twisted and addictive juicy floral has the personality of a powerful yet romantic sorceress. Obsessive Lilacs open to the thrill of dark demons and leave much to be imagined. Twisted with sharp Gooseberries drenched in juice. Finishing with a strong base note of white amber which brings all the harmony together. 


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ - Enchanting

"I found Lilacs & Gooseberries when trying to find the scent after I played Witcher 3 and initially ordered the the 10ml sampler. It really is the most beguiling scent, opening with a strikingly fruity scent to the nose and settling into a more subtle citrusy rendition of the initial hit. It dries down a more floral scent which I find lasts relatively well on my skin and clothes through the day; indeed I find myself catching the odd scent hours after I first applied it! Whether through my mental association with Witcher or in reality, there's something magical about this one. My only hope is that they make it permanent because I truly cannot imagine wearing anything else ever again!"

Watch a full review by @nearlynoseblind here.



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Lilac and gooseberries is an all year round fragrance, as although lilac and gooseberries can be worn in the spring season with the flowery and light aromas it can also be spicy and warm for the autumn season. Lilac and gooseberries makes the perfect layering scent and can bring extra character to your already beloved signature scent. 


Written by Beckii Jane

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