What Does Your Perfume Say About You?

What Does Your Perfume Say About You?


Like a picture says a thousand words about a moment, your fragrance can say a thousand words about your character. Perfumes and aromas have become a part of our own personal branding and the choice of perfume depends on your lifestyle, your temperament and the occasion. Not everyone achieves this symbiosis with a fragrance or a family of scents. Undoubtedly the characteristics of a person and their lifestyle make their fragrance more unique to them. After all, not everyone likes the same scents!


Choice of perfume may be random at first and many would go by the mindset that their favourite celebrity is endorsing their signature line of perfume, so why not buy and smell the same. Not one person has to stick to one scent, most of us actually mix and layer our perfumes together to make something personal and adventurous.




Citrus scent lovers can be ambitious, strong minded and often come across as bright, happy optimists! It is believed that if you love a bitter yet zesty citrus scent, you hold a high level of confidence. Citrus is a popular scent choice throughout the year and is a favourite among many for it's ability to boost energy and reduce stress through fresh, bright and uplifting aromas.


Looking for your next burst of citrus? Put a little pep in your step with: 



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Feeling fun? Energetic? High spirited? Gourmands are not only for those who have a sweet tooth - after all, we don't just eat with our taste, we also eat through our nose (and eyes!) Gourmand fragrances are usually known for their comforting and warm nature, just like their wearers.


Have you ever smelt a fragrance so good that you wish you could eat it? A gourmand scent is primarily made up of edible notes, the most popular being vanilla, honey, chocolate, caramel and fruits. If you love the outdoors and aren't afraid to be the centre of attention, a gourmand fragrance might just be for you.


Gourmand scents from Shay & Blue:




Floral fanciers are unapologetically romantic. If you find yourself always being drawn to floral fragrances, you are likely light hearted, sociable and love spring colours. It's even said that linen, cotton and fine wools are traits of a floral fragrance lover.


As one of the most popular fragrance families, floral scents are typically favoured for their flowery notes, such as jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and magnolia - notes which make more classic and year-round favourites. A scent that will never fall out of fashion.


Sound like you? Then you'll love:



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It is believed that people who like perfumes that generate a musk and woody scent have a sensual, sultry personality yet are a minimalist with a bit of modernity. Woody musk scents are seen as representing a solid, reliable, and easy-going kind of masculinity, yet are popular amongst unisex fragrances and are picked from women over all other scents. Sandalwood fans tend to have high expectations for themselves and others.


Natural born leader or sultry and sensual? Woody scents are generally favourites among nature lovers and the outdoorsy types as the notes remind people of nature, they can be truly grounding.


Musks, alluring and confident, are often appreciated for their soft and reassuring scent. They leave a naturally lasting impression without being overpowering - much like their wearers! Woods and musks are loved by both men and women and it's making a statement in the world of unisex fragrance.


Looking for something bold and exciting?


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Made for those packed with personality - just like their scent! Composed of notes like cherry, pear, and watermelon, fruity scents are evocative of hot summer days. If you are fun, playful, and adventurous then fruity scents may be what you enjoy most. You are considered to be optimistic, bouncy, and energetic people who become the heart of the party. Your zest for life makes everything exciting!


For those feeling fruity:



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Charismatic, passionate and romantic? Does it often take a little time for you to open up and unravel your layers? Oriental fragrances are made for seductive and powerful personalities that are naturally larger than life! You'll usually find notes of amber, vanilla or cinnamon - there's a reason for their indulgence. 


Our favourite oriental scents:



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Written by Beckii Jane

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