Get Your Hands On The Only Fragrance Wardrobe You Need!

Get Your Hands On The Only Fragrance Wardrobe You Need!

Now I don’t know about you but in all honesty,  lockdown hasn’t changed my routine all that much. Obviously I, like many others, am now working from home and most of my meetings are over zoom rather than face to face. Other than the fact I am probably wearing pyjama bottoms compared to trousers or jeans not all that much has changed.

I still have my getting ready process, no matter if I’m on calls, popping out into the big wide world and interacting with people or if it’s just going to be me in my office with no human interaction for the day. The process of getting ready just makes me feel prepared for the day ahead. I feel pulled together and more confident and like I can take on any email that comes my way.

I start my day like everyone else (I hope) by brushing my teeth and sorting my hair out before deciding what outfit I am going to wear and if I am going to put makeup on for the day. Most importantly I will always finish with a fragrance. This is totally dependent on my mood, sometimes I want a more enchanting fragrance such as Blackberry Woods. Other days I want to smell delicious with Salt Caramel or maybe I want a stronger more ‘masculine’ scent such as Kings Wood. Lots of factors contribute to my day ahead from the mood I’m into the outfit I’m wearing and the items on my to do list. I am constantly changing up my fragrance and that is one of the many things I enjoy about my getting ready process!

Having a wardrobe of fragrances is the opposite of finding that one perfect signature scent. The idea is that, much like having a wardrobe or draws that are filled with clothes you can mix and match, you should have a selection of fragrances that work for you, depending on your mood and the occasion.

That is where Shay and Blue’s new Fragrance Wardrobe comes in so perfectly. Not only does it allow me to have all the fragrance I could dream of but it also features fragrances from different fragrance families. From light and fresh florals to florals, spices and woods.  

Our ability to smell is the oldest and most developed of our five senses. As cell-like life forms, before we could touch, hear or see, we learned to primitively respond to chemicals around us in the air and water. This is why the human nose contains more than 1,000 smell receptors while our eyes have just four light sensors. Scent is hard-wired into our brain, enabling us to experience it in a far more visceral way.

While the Fragrance wardrobe is made up of 10 different fragrances that doesn’t mean you are limited to only 10 different scents. Layering fragrances, quite simply, is the combination of two or more fragrances to create a new scent altogether.

This is perhaps the most creative way to create your own signature scent – spraying two or more fragrances over each other to create something new. Much like clothes, it’s great to have a closet that is packed with outfits you can wear to various events, but – of course – it’s even more advantageous to have a tighter edit of pieces that can be mixed together and worn in different combinations. Why would you not want to do that with your fragrance?


The Shay and Blue Fragrance Wardrobe contains:

  • 1 x Amber Rose Eau de Parfum (10ml) - an elegant fragrance featuring May rose from Grasse on a base of white amber, with a heart of dulce de leche
  • 1 x Atropa Belladonna Eau de Parfum (10ml) - a decadent scent with rich notes of cassis berries blended with a white flower bouquet on a deep base of patchouli and sandalwood
  • 1 x Blackberry Woods Eau de Parfum (10ml) - the essence of autumn, this heady blend features top notes of blackberry with a heart of neroli and lemon leaves, and a warm, woodsy cypress base
  • 1 x Black Tulip Eau de Parfum (10ml) - a modern floral with fresh, delicate sprigs of snowdrops with rich, black tulips, tart plums and a warm, balanced base of white chocolate
  • 1 x Blood Orange Eau de Parfum (10ml) - a citrusy scent with deep, sultry notes of hot napa leather and a fresh, juicy burst of blood orange
  • 1 x Dandelion Fig Eau de Parfum  (10ml) - a refreshing unisex scent with notes of green dandelion leaf, fig and a whisper of juniper
  • 1 x English Cherry Blossom Eau de Parfum (10ml) - delicate blossoms mingle with a luscious blend of fig and cassis for a hint of warmth on a base of cherry wood
  • 1 x Salt Caramel Eau de Parfum (10ml) - an intense, burnt sweetness that's rich, addictive and indulgent, with top notes of salt and caramel, tonka bean at the heart and base notes of vanilla and sandalwood
  • 1 x Tallulah’s Camelia Eau de Parfum (10ml) - a light floral featuring a beautiful blend of gardenia, bluebell and camelia, plus blonde woods and white tea
  • 1 x Oud Alif Eau de Parfum (10ml) - a smoky, sensual scent featuring the finest oud agarwood spiked with chocolat noir, saffron and dark patchouli


Which fragrances or combinations will you be wearing?

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