A Symphony of Colors, Scents, and Personalities

A Symphony of Colors, Scents, and Personalities

At Shay & Blue, we champion inclusion and self-expression for all. Our gender-neutral scents welcome everyone, always. As New York City and other  US cities prepare for Pride, the city will be awash with vibrant colors, diverse personalities, and exhilarating fragrances. London Pride is a celebration of individuality and community. The rainbow flag, created by Gilbert Baker in 1978, symbolizes Pride with each color representing a unique meaning. Inspired by the cultural impact of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and Judy Garland's status as a gay icon, the flag embodies the spirit of the LGBTQ+ movement. Join us in celebrating this beautiful mosaic of diversity and honoring the legacy of those who paved the way for greater acceptance and equality.

Let’s explore how the colours of Pride, the unique fragrances of Shay & Blue, and the diverse personalities all come together in this joyous celebration.

Pink: Sexuality - Scarlet Lily

Pink symbolises sexuality. Scarlet Lily is a perfect match, offering a pleasure-filled fragrance with sensual undertones that celebrate the beauty of open and proud sexuality.

Red: Life - Sicilian Limes

Red represents life. Sicilian Limes, with its sharp, salty, and vibrant notes, exhilarates and fills you with a zest for life, capturing the essence of vitality.

Orange: Healing - Blood Oranges

Orange stands for healing. Blood Oranges blends Sicilian blood orange, musky wood, and leather, capturing the exuberance and positivity of those who bring joy to the world.

Yellow: Sunlight - Salt Caramel

Yellow represents sunlight and joy. Salt Caramel, with notes of liquid caramel, sea salt, and bourbon vanilla, is ideal for nurturing souls who spread love and warmth.

Green: Nature - Kings Wood

Green represents nature. Kings Wood, with its aroma of pineapples and fern leaves, is perfect for free spirits who embrace life and new experiences, bringing a hint of nature to your senses.

Turquoise: Art - Framboise Noire

Turquoise stands for art and magic. Framboise Noire offers velvety depths of woodland, creating an 'Alice down the rabbit hole' magical experience for those who infuse magic and artistry into everything they do.

Blue: Serenity - Blueberry Musk

Blue symbolizes serenity. Blueberry Musk, with its wistful magnolia notes, is renowned for relieving stress, helping you find pure serenity and peace.

Violet: Spirit - Tallula's Camellia

Violet represents spirit. Tallula's Camellia, with its fragrance of free-spirited rebellion, captures the essence of those who inspire us with their originality and spirit.

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